Volunteer Students in a Library Setting

Without Volunteers, I would not be able to run the Library.

Volunteers play an Important part in running a Library as well as they get added benefit.


Last week a new volunteer from Library studies at Victoria University said that she was extremely grateful that I had taken my time to run her through some training on OHS issues,  show her how the library is displayed and show her some important tools we use such as the catalogue search tools.  “Our system in Oliver Version 5”.

My comment is,  that it is a two way street,  I show you things that can only be learnt as on the job training and you help me as well.

I run an extremely busy school Library that has 86 classes and 9 kindergarten classes that comes through the Library for 1 session each week.  I only work Monday to Friday 8.45am to 3.15pm and I am the only person in this Library.

I also try and help out over 180 teachers with request as well as Catalogue Items for English, Maths, Science, IT, Art, Food Technology, STEM and other departments with Book Budgets or IT Equipment.   Without Volunteers I just simply would not be able to do this

Great partnerships are formed with my band of Volunteers,  Many over the last 4 years have gone on and found jobs within the school Industry.

So if you are a student studying Library any would like to get some FREE on the job training,  feel free to get in touch.


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